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Thursday, April 15, 2010


We had a couple of teriyaki dishes recently and really enjoyed it, so I decided to make one at home. Well, this is actually the 2nd time, so it turned out much better, and I had made a critical mistake my 1st time, so that explains a lot. To make the teriyaki sauce, it is important that you simmer it for a couple of minutes before you use it.

1/2 cup  soy sauce
1/2 cup          mirin
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon   honey

So you mix the ingredients above in a little saucepan and simmer it (which I did not do the first time), and then refrigerate it until you need to use it. Marinate the chicken or beef with this sauce and stir fry until its done! Very easy.

The veggies turned out to taste the same, but the chicken was juicier than the ones we had before. I think you're suppose to stir fry it until the edges burn...I'll give it a try next time.


  1. Wow that looks so good!! I use honey in my cooking too, b/c I don't have sugar. And soy sauce and mirin are such staples, I feel like they can be used for most anything!

  2. Yummm that looks very good! Thanks for your comment on my blog :-)!

  3. Looks quite delicious, lovely pictures!