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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aloha Hawaii

Penguins in Hawaii?? at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Aww the two penguins are kissing!!

Madeline Salad at Auntie Pasto's:
This was by far the BEST salad I ever had.

Creamy Pesto at Auntie Pasto's - must eat! I would like to try the spaghetti version next time.

Margarite Pizza at Auntie Pasto's. This was really good-crispy and perfect!

Dole Plantation!
we had a pineapple soft icecream and a float! so so good!

this is how pineapples really grow!



  1. ~sigh

    I ♥ HAWAII

    wait... pineapple soft ice cream?? THAT sounds AWESOME!!!

    and that pizza looks DE-LISH!! and that pasta... and that salad!! it's not too often I say a SALAD looks YUMMY!! hehehe

  2. Mr Pineapple Man taking an up close view of his relatives? Love the Pineapple money box!