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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Best Concealer

I actually bought this product accidentally (I was looking for a Spot Remover), but this little baby works so well that I was very satisfied with my mispurchase. You only need a little dab to cover up boo boos ...or is that what a concealer is supposed to do? Anyway, just trying to share with you all what I use these days :)


  1. Hi thanks for stopping by! Mr pineapple man, how funny! Your blog looks nice, I eps like the food post! I'm following you follow me too if you want! I actually don't know anything about concealers, I thought it was used for dark circles around the eyes but I think I'm wrong!

  2. Hi, Mr. Pineapple Man. Thanks for visitting my blog. I'm glad you liked my recipe.
    Yeah, that is what a concealer for. You got it from Dior. It should work well. I don't use a concealer, but my friends use powdery foundation after the concealer.

  3. i might check this one out after i finish my current one. i use diorsnow sunscreen and it works really well, so now i have high hopes with this concealer! ;-)