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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Ramen!

 at the Ramen Stadium, Canal City, Fukuoka, Japan
the kitchen...where magic happens

hakata ramen! also known as tonkotsu ramen...very very very good! The goodness is measured by whether you can finish it or not..sometimes the broth gets really greasy and it gets to your stomach (yuk).

 another hakata ramen from another store at the ramen stadium. this was very good too!


  1. This is my favourite kind of ramen! The soup is delicious. Yeah, it can be greasy... so don't eat it before you fly, this is one mistake I made once and I felt really ill.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I agree. I like some SPAM things like SPAM musubi. hehehe The ramen in your article looks good. I miss Japan. =)