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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pizza Time!

Last night, we had one of our homemade pizza nights, and tried making the margarite pizza that we had at Auntie Pasto's, Hawaii. The crust could be a little thinner, but the topping couldn't get any better!
toppings: pizza sauce, mozarella cheese, sliced tomotoes, fresh basil

Anchovy Pizza for the anchovy lovers! This was really good too...I think the maragarite and the anchovy pizzas compliment each other really is fishy and the other is fresh! yum!
toppings: pizza sauce, mozarella cheese, diced tomatoes, mushroom, onions, anchovy

For the homemade dough recipe, I posted one up a week ago, so refer to that!


  1. woww...yummy pizza :)
    more cheese please :D

  2. Thanks for commenting on my Ice cream blog.

    The basil and tomato pizza is great. Very simple but lets a great base shine through as well.

  3. Thank you fo rstopping by my blog. Please let me know how the waffles turn out. i have som other waffle recipes. posted. This pizza looks so good. I would like to make the anchovie pizza. Yummy.