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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lush Bath Bombs

I love Lush's bath bombs and bubble bars! They smell so good and its just so relaxing~ But it's a little bit pricey ($5-$6 per bath), so I can only enjoy it once in awhile-that's what makes it more special!

This rose scented bubble bar is my personal favorite.
It's also great to give as gifts (I love their gift box packaging).


  1. I've tried these bath bombs, they're quite good and can get addictive. I remember going through their catalogue and circling everything I wanted - too much. But the bath bombs really are a bit too expensive so I stopped buying them. And the rest of the Lush stuff smells good but I hate their packaging (too cheap) and you know how much I love fancy packaging...

  2. ps To be fair, I don't know their gift box packaging.