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Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am craving...

Starbucks Coffee Jelly Frappucino
At first it tasted kind of funky, but you get used to the jelly's like trying bubble tea for the first time.
Biggest setback: only sold in Asia

Godiva Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream
Biggest setback: discontinued - I haven't seen this in so long.
However, our supermarket now has Haagen-Dazs Green Tea ice cream! (but it's suppose to be a limited edition)must stock up before it goes away!

Lay's Ketchup Chips
My Canadian friend first introduced me to this wonderful flavor of ketchup, and before trying it, I thought it sounded a little too "original". But then again there is a Salt and Vinegar flavor, so why not ketchup? Next to come: Mustard Chips!
Biggest setback: only sold in Canada

However, a couple of months ago, I found a really good substitute (in the U.S. of A!)

but I don't really crave this since I have 2 bags in my pantry. Cravings seem to go away when you have things in your kitchen. sucka!


  1. thanks for coming by my page with your lovely comment! I didn't know that they serve Coffee Jelly Frappucino in Asia ...I gonna go get one soon!

  2. I think we have similar taste buds, because I crave all of those things, too!

  3. Love the Coffee Jelly Frapp. They should sell them in the US, I'd totally be a fan.

    And Ketchup Lay's my kids would love!

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I really enjoy yours.

  4. I absolutely LOVE salt & vinegar chips... not sure how I'd feel about ketchup chips though - but I'm sure my niece would FLIP over them!! haaaa