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Monday, April 19, 2010

Alice in Underland

Did everyone watch this movie? What a disaster...I'm not much of a movie fan, but after visiting Disney World and all, I felt obligated in watching it "in amazing 3D". First of all, I was confused with all the barely-there 3D action, and the screen seemed very dark...or maybe my theater sucked. Alice was so emotionless and uninspiring- what a bore!
On a brighter note, this woman is Tim Burton's girlfriend! Can you believe that this fact was the most interesting thing out of the whole movie? She also came out in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Charlie's mother...loving the big head!


  1. I liked the movie! You theater sucks i guess. But I understand what you think about Alice. And the big head scares me

  2. ugh! I am soooo with you... first of all the Alice books are my favoritest books of all time - so completely changing the story was a big strike against this movie

    but we too paid extra for the not so amazing 3D - I was very underwhelmed!! I walked away feeling like I wore those uncomfortable (and god knows how FILTHY) glasses for 2 hours strictly for the cool butterfly thing at the VERY end!!

    very NOT impressed... and Johnny Depp's mad hatter was a bit too much like his portrayal of Willy Wonka - yes they are both supposed to be certifiably NUTS... but I felt like I was watching him play Willy Wonka in a Mad Hatter suit - I LOVED it in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but not so much here... perhaps I would feel the opposite if this had come out first - maybe I would have loved it here and not so much there... who knows?

    anyway... I agree, discovering that Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are a couple (I don't keep up much on celebrity gossip) was the most interesting thing about this movie

    she was also in Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp which was also directed by Tim Burton and I was also not a huge fan of... but I should really try to watch that again when I'm not in a room full of people talking haaa

    speaking of talking - I do go on too long sometimes... sorry