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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tomato Plants

Remember my tomato plant I started growing a couple weeks ago? They grew quite a bit, so I had to repot them:
The one on the upper right is my cilantro plant, still going strong. The first repot was a disaster since I was too lazy to go buy soil, so I used "dirt" in my backyard, and I found out that I'm supposed to use good soil...but the plants survived!

So I went to Lowe's yesterday and finally bought some good soil, and did my second repot yesterday.
I'll keep you updated!


  1. looks good, my bf would this, he's growing all kinds of herbs, veggies and stuff :D

  2. I had try to grow tomoto plant before but due the hot weather here, you can only see plant and no tomotoes....hahaa..

  3. Good luck on your plants! =D Wish I knew how to garden.

    P.S Vegas beckons ;)

  4. awesome!!
    but if you don't mind some unsolicited advice... depending on how far you are from being able to plant them outside, you might want to add a little soil to those containers and/or put a light closer and directly over top of them - they are stretching to find light which is making the stems thin and spindly (that is why they are leaning over like that)
    if they have a little more support from soil slightly higher up the stems and light closer and right above them they won't have to stretch to find the light and the stems will get stronger - otherwise they will not be strong enough to support more growth

  5. Thanks for showing some blog love and following! Following you back =D

  6. The tomato plants look great. Tomatoes and I have a good relationship, I grow about 100 heirloom varieties. tomatoes are great, so many different colours, shades, shapes, tastes, I could sample them for hours.

  7. Hello there! Transplanting is the worst. I've killed a lot of promising tomato seedlings that way. Hope you have better luck!