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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Late Night Snack

For our late night snack, we had our nightly dose of s'mores, and me being the genius decided to make rice krispies with the left over marshmallows.

The last time I made rice krispie treats was when I was 8...and I remember mixing the marshmallows and butter. It tasted something like it!

And an hour stomach started to growl, so we ended up making the favorite late night snack, ramen!

this never fails us


  1. I must say, the rice krispies do look yummier than the noodles, LOL

  2. Looks so easy to make the rice krispies~would like to try some.
    Ramen is also very popular here especially the Korean ramen.

  3. Wow, that ramen looks exactly like our instant 'Maggi' noodles here :)

  4. I remember making those rice krispie treats in middle school, oh God! I made them again recently - yum yum yum... and same for ramen I love love love! (but only noodles? really lazy, eh!:-D )

  5. You are very much into snack aren't you???
    The chocolate keyboard was hilarious though!!!!!
    Synnøve :)

  6. Instant noodles are the best invention ever! :) Sometimes I pan fry some slices of luncheon meat/spam and an egg over-easy, and it's like I'm having a meal at one of those HK "char chan tings"!