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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yesterday we ordered New York style pizza and it was so good! But I couldn't help but wonder...where does all the grease/oil come from? I had to dab it with the napkins (kind of fun) like the blue oil paper on the face.
Mr. Pineapple man getting ready to dive in!

our milk supplier...

I have a question I've been wanting to ask for quite a while now. Why does milk get all chunky and clumpy even if it's not passed the expiration date? Is it because I let "air" come in contact with it? At first I thought it was because of my fridge temperature, but it's not. I'm starting to get a little pissed when I try to have some late night cereal and the milk is all jiggly.


  1. I hate clumpy milk and I don't know.
    Pizza looks great. Love the pineapple man in the middle :-) By the way I've been meaning to tell you that I tried the gorgonzola + honey combination (I didn't make the pizza myself, though, just used a frozen one with only tomato sauce and cheese on it) - love it, thanks!

  2. That is why you need to shake it well before using the liquid milk.

  3. Pizza has a lot of olive oil in it!!!!
    Stay off the late night cereal and milk!!!!!!
    Synnøve :)

  4. Oh pineappleman must be in pizza heaven!

  5. Looks yumerlicious! Pass me a slice please (-;

  6. ha i love mr. pineapple man ready to dive right in.

  7. Buttermilk is lumpy usually. Interesting fact, Germans loooove their buttermilk. I noticed this after watching a Chef at school steal 1L of buttermilk on a daily basis, and drink it. Then I asked my Oma (German grandmother) and she flat out said "it's good for you, and you should drink it." And I said no.

    Buy cartons of milk, or soy milk, it doesn't go bad as fast.