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Monday, May 3, 2010


Have you heard of the Kogi truck? It's this Korean BBQ taco truck that is so hot in LA (I don't know if it still is the buzz of the town) and has ridiculous lines.
Unfortunately, I have never tried this, but over the weekend I was dying to try one, so I made it myself. I don't know how the real one tastes like (so I can't really compare), but mine sure did taste good!

this is the picture I found on their website

So based on this picture and a little googling here and there, AND a phone call to my Korean friend, I came up with the ingredients:

Korean short ribs (Kalbi)
Kimchi fried rice
Korean salad
radish in vinegar
gochoojang/sriracha hot sauce

It's actually really better than it looks...

Well, if anyone wants to give it a try you'll have to make a visit to the Asian market, since half of the ingredients were purchased there. I'll post up the recipe if anyone needs it...but it's a challenge!


  1. The Krave Truck is totally a rip-off (aka inspired by) of the Kogi Truck in L.a. I remember they were featured on the food network on their show "best thing I ever ate." I am just glad to have a food truck in my area... definitely beats the monotony of the usual choices.

    Thanks for comment!
    Zena (

  2. No I've totally heard of this! I want to eat there too, but yours looks just as yummy!

  3. I want to taste it and make my own recipe as well.

  4. Never heard of it. Your taco looks good!
    Too bad I don't like tacos. And I don't really like Asian food. I only like Thai food when eaten in Thailand and sushi (I like sushi everywhere)

  5. Hi there
    Never heard of this kogi truck. Sounds interesting and your dish looks good. Very interesting.
    BTW, I am tagging you so please visit my blog ok:)

  6. a kogi truck?! i love this. i will put this on my la to-eat list.

  7. Genius. I'm dying to check that out.