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Friday, May 7, 2010

guava & fries

These days, my love for tropical fruit and bubble tea is at a peak, so I decided to get myself a tropical drink at the international section of my supermarket. Since we were at hawaii a couple of months ago, we decided to get the guava drink.

It came in this can that was unbreakable, and the juice was very very very thick. And it even smelled a bit vinegary. After we drank half of it, I realized that I had bought guava nectar....which is used for cooking and baking I believe. Oops! But no worries, nothing has happened and we are  A-okay.

After drinking nectar, I had to clear out my mouth, so we went to go get some McDonalds.

Does anyone else dip their fries in a sundae or milkshake? It really tastes like heaven (with a lot of cholesterol).


  1. Hahaha funny nectar story:P

    I've never tried dipping in sundae and honestly I don't think I'll like it! I like to eat french fries with lettuce and mayonnaise (boring)

    I did think of you in the store!
    We don't have a lot of Haagen Dasz in the supermarkt and some supermarkets don't have it at all:( But will hunt for sale:P

  2. I have to agree I love a hot salty french fry dipped in a cool thick shake. Specifically I do this with Wendys fries and chocolate frostys. SO GOOD. everyone should try it!

  3. I can't say I do that with my fries but do know a few people who like eating it that way...hehe. :) (I on the other hand probably stick out like an oddball b/c I tend to like eating my fries plain :P)

  4. I dipped my french fries in McDonald's Chocolate Sundae :P

  5. do it all the time, and it's mm-mm so sinful a pleasure i feel like i have to enter a confessional each time i indulge!

  6. I do i do i do.. and I love it! :)

  7. ... the fries dipped in milkshake or sundae by the way :)