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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Childhood Toys

Every little kid's first coupe~

first roller skates- I loved how you could just wear it on top of your shoes.

I always acted like I was on the phone while cooking...I also wrote on the chalkboard, took a bite out of the toast (literally) and poured water in the "sink". My mom almost had a heart attack.

I loved this medical kit- always had the fake band aids and cast on my wrist, checked everyone's blood pressure and heart beat, and hammered my cousins knees...

This one I got when I was in 4th grade while I was at my cousins house. The instructions ordered us to get vanilla wafers and all these hamburger look alikes, but the outcome was a big YUCK! Maybe because we actually used ketchup and mustard instead of icing :)


  1. what a great post, its funny to remember actually.....

  2. You had the coolest toys! Aw to be young again... ;)

  3. that toy stove oven looks cool! i did have a similar kind of doctors kit when i was small :)

  4. My kids had most of the toys that you have listed. Their favorite was the roller skates. You have a great blog!