My Friends

Monday, July 19, 2010

For the cat lovers...

Today I found a sister site that had funny pics of cats! You can also check it out at i can has cheezburger. Here we go:

my favorite

that is not a cat pose... look at the bending of the elbows!

love both of their faces

cutie cutie! looks like a japenese neko!


  1. What an amusing and pleasant morning to start my day... thank you!

  2. LOL now those are absolutely cute!! I love cats and I love their silly ways, I wish I could catch my cats in some of the crazy positions they get themselves into...but alas, they know the sound of me getting out the camera and they immediately become camera shy and run into another room!!!

  3. This is really cute :p
    Thanks for sharing the photos :)
    Especially the one that looks like the cat is doing yoga :p lol

  4. So cute! That last cat is so mellow:)