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Sunday, July 11, 2010

And the winner is Espana!

I wonder if they still have to go to work tomorrow...I also think that third place is better than second, since third wins the fourth and second loses to the first. Does this not make sense? I think Germans would be happier than the Dutch... it is so disappointing to lose when you are so close! But the Netherlands are so good they'll probably win one within the next decade or so.

byebye world cup!


  1. I was rooting for the Dutch but the better team won for sure!

  2. I love your rationale for deeming third place better than second. It really made me smile. I hope the day is treating you kindly. Blessings...Mary

  3. As you know I have been a avid watcher of the world cup and I was very pleased to see Spain win playing Wenger style football.
    Yesterday's match was also the one and only time I will clap Howard Webb, well he gave us some kind of representation!As a rabid Gooner I am usually at the wrong end of his decisions.
    The best thing about this world cup was the octopus in Germany.....

  4. I don't quite get your rationale but the photos are hilarious!

  5. I certainly hope we win in the next decade or so! It took us so long to reach the finals again. The last time was more than 40 years ago. At least we're second and I'm pleased that Germany is third. It was disappointing for us, but Spain deserved to win.