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Thursday, January 6, 2011


only if the real sandwiches were this big! I forgot to take a picture of it (like I usually do 90% of the time) but it looks something like 1/4 a subway sandwich. But it does taste pretty good!

condiments station

This was at Universal Studios Orlando. Harry Potter land is now officially impossible to get in without a "fast pass". Although I did want to eat at hog's head we just settled for blondie's and had butter beer at three broomsticks :)


  1. what a cool spot! love that sign. settling for butter beer and blondie's sounds like a fun alternative to hogs head anyways!

  2. Condiments station...i love the fact that in the U.S.A. all the added bits on the side are taken seriously (-;

  3. Was the butter beer good?

    Love the 50's decor.

  4. A giant sandwich! Look like a happy place to hang out :D

  5. If the real sandwich is that big, you can feed a whole family and then some! Looks like a fun place to eat!

  6.! I really wish i could have that huge sandwish placed in my house!