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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kings Dominion

Mr. P's visit to Kings Dominion
Halloween Haunt

fall leaves and stand-up rollercoaster

dippin dots!! first time trying chocolate chip cookie dough

shot with snoops

and woodstock (I thought his name was twitter)

Overall, this place was very exciting as there was almost no wait time and more than 10 crazy rides. But it still made me miss Mickey and his friends. Maybe I'm getting old...or too young :)


  1. Snoopy is my favorite! :) That pineapple never fails to make me giggle.

  2. toni was right hehehe that pineapple cutie is so adorable! :)

  3. Mr Pineapple certainly had a really good time! Lucky pineapple!

  4. I love Snoopy! Glad Mr. Pineapple had a great time!

    Happy Wednesday!