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Friday, October 22, 2010

Disney Trip

We stayed at Disney's Boardwalk Inn, and look what was waiting for us! Minnie towel :)

flan I had at the Disney Bakery

We took the ferry to Epcot and Hollywood Studios from our hotel.

My favorite place in Epcot! Coca-Cola provides visitors with soft drinks from all over the world. For example, China had watermelon flavored drink and Italy had lemon/lime drink.

broken fire hydrant at Hollywood Studios

Cinderella's Castle at night

the backside of the butter beer station (I thought it was clutch to take this picture!)

Chip being shy with autgraph book on her head.

Mr. P wants to go back!!


  1. this looks like so much fun, you got some awesome pictures. I am headed there soon!! can't wait.

  2. How awesome does Cinderella's Castle look! Great pics.

  3. Flans and Minnie towels...looks like a nice trip :)

  4. So sweet they prepared the Minnie towels for room quests. Beautiful place! Must save money first to visit there one day.

  5. Www your hotel room looked so cute! I was just Tokyo Disneyland the other day hehe

  6. Disneyland! The castle looks so pretty~