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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pizza Pizza!

Did anyone miss me while I was gone on my post-summer break? I just wanted to share with you a fun pizza's pretty long, so stay with me :-)

The husband found a new pizza place, so we definitely had to check it out (being the self-proclaimed pizza lovers we are). We checked out the yelp reviews and recommendations and decided to get these fried risotto balls.

Which were balls of heaven with little pieces of mozarella inside.........droool
I was going to get the vongole pizza, and because I get flustered when approached with a menu, I always try to decide what I'm going to order beforehand through their homepage. But our waitress says they are out of I look through the menu and just randomly choose anything that has prociutto. The husband orders the margherita (because he's boring, or "original" as he puts it).  

A different waiter brings us our food, and ta-da! there are meatballs on both of them! Husband asks the waiter "Is this margherita pizza?" And the waiter nods and gives a "No-duh, that's what you ordered dummy"-look. In the meantime, I am busy quickly snapping away photos with Mr. P (I must admit, I take photos of Mr. P at the speed of light because of the embarassment...)

My pizza has prosciutto~ I definitely ordered the right one! But I open it and it has I tell my husband that the chef must love his meatballs. While I try to slice open my pizza, our waitress comes to us and says that there was a mix up and that these pizza are not ours, but the couple sitting right next to us...........I can't stop laughing, and we apologize to the couple for attacking their pizzas, and they laugh it off too~ We really felt so stupid because the couple (not the chef) both loved the meatballs so much that they had placed an extra topping order of it.

This is our actual pizza -but my pizza didn't look anything like the one I got before because the prosciutto was "prosciutto cotto" not "prosciutto di parma".

But the husband's was just sans meatball. Less embarassing for him since he even asked the waiter! And yes, the first pizza was margherita, just with extra meatballs.

Our waitress was really nice and asked us if we would like to take the first pizzas home, so of course we had to bring it back with us, and the leftover pizza too. What a feast!


  1. Funny story, you were luck to be able to take the first pizzas home with you too. And by the way i did miss your humor.

  2. Yum! Yum! Takeaway, on the house? Lucky you!