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Monday, March 12, 2012

Parking Fails

I am embarassed to admit that I suck at I have gathered a collection of funny parking photos from the internet (to celebrate my parking skills). Enjoy!

This would require some skill.

Ok, this is just ridiculous. I actually was considering get a mini car because of my parking problems :)

This would be my worst nightmare. "back up back up!"

Awww, he parked himself very well!

Isn't parallel parking supposed to be harder??


  1. yeah, getting a mini car has its advantages too ..just like shown in pic1. if you cant find parking space, you can then try to squeeze in between the 2 cars! haha!

  2. You suck at parking a car...well, I don't even know how to drive...;-(

  3. I have a life that does not require parallel parking anymore. Most satisfying.

  4. nice space vth awesoem pics..enjoyed each n every pic of here..........thanx 4 dropping in my space......

  5. Absolutely hilarious, parking can be frustrating but funny at times!

  6. So, how many miles to the gallon does that camel get :-). I loved these photos and you started my day with a smile. I hope you are enjoying all that the day brings your way.Blessings...Mary

  7. Can you believe it I never reverse-park before? It's true! LOL! Love the camel-parking! Hahaha! And the last pic, I think that car parked first, then followed by the others! Gosh!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad I found you because your Mr. Pineapple head is such a hoot!