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Friday, October 21, 2011

My shabby garden and a fly trap

I have one jalapeno left on my almost dead plant. An intruder planted himself in the pot and is now withering away~

My sweet basil plant used to be our go-to spaghetti flavorer, but after 2 weeks the basil started smelling and tasting "minty". Is this even normal? Any ideas kitchen flavour?

Ever since we started eating bananas, there are fruit flies we found a way to capture fruit flies in a ziploc bag (via internet) and it actually worked, but there are still too many that didn't get trapped. You basically put a banana in the ziploc, close, and poke holes with a toothpick (supposedly they know how to go in but not!).

Still can't comment on some peoples blogs.......don't know what the problem is!


  1. Hi mr. pineapple,
    Sorry about your jalapeno, at least you have a fruit, my seedling plant died!
    The minty taste of the basil leaves is pretty normal! No worries! Guess what, I'm making some basil lime sorbet tomorrow, my plant is getting too big!
    Thanks for the tips on the fruit flies, really useful! Once in, and no way out, LOL!
    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for the tip on catching fruit flies.