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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Bowl

We had lunch at the Big Bowl. I had the pad thai with extra sauce (as it is bland without it).

the best ginger ale! this drink had real ginger in it, so people who don't like ginger would probably cringe...I used to hate ginger as a kid but growing up it's one of my favorite! especially with dim sum and sushi :)


  1. that plate of pad thai and that ginger drink look amazing. I love ginger too!

  2. pad thai :3

    never tried ginger drink!

  3. Love that pad thai and the ginger ale! I love ginger, great in either sweet or savory! Yum! I could help mr. pineapple man finish up his ginger ale for him...that's a big glass for him to finish on his own!!

  4. Yum! What an amazing meal. I totally agree though; pad thai always needs a HUGE squeeze of sauce otherwise it ain't that good..

  5. Ya you are right!Ginger really match with sushi
    and some dim sum.

  6. I've never been to Big Bowl, but just got their cookbook! Looks promising! =)