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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Midway Mania

Mr. Pineapple Man in Toy Story Land. This ride is by far the BEST ride! The approximate wait time is more than 100 minutes, and the fast pass runs out by 10:00 am. No wonder people were running to get to this ride at opening time! Mr. Pineapple was well prepared for the ride and was able to ride it 3 times!!

children didn't seem to mind the wait since there is so many fun toys to look at!

the soldier helped us get a fast pass

this used to be one of my favorite toys!

andy's drawing of woody

sorry about the wear 3-D glasses and shoot bullets & toss rings


  1. looks like such a fun experience!

  2. Wow! You were able to ride it 3 times. Sounds fun and looks fun too.
    Thank you for visiting my site.
    You got a great site yourself too.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! You are clearly enjoying yourself! Wish I could go on a vacation too! (couldn't wait to see the photos of your tomatoes!)

  4. Great pics! I love this ride too. Mainly b/c it's the only one where I can kick my hubby's ass in. ;)

  5. Wow! Lots of toys there for sure! My kids would drool at places like these.

  6. Wah, you brought the cute mascot to the Toy Story Land? This place looks fun!!